View Full Version : Who would have thought?

10-07-2005, 11:19 PM
Before this series I dont think anyone would have expected:

-The Sox to outslug the Carmines and have our offense finally wake up

-Podsednik to hit a HR

-El Duque to come out of the bullpen with a HUGE relief effort

-Jenks to close out two games with authority

-The SOX to sweep the series

-The SOX to smoke the Carmines in Game 1 by a large margin

-The SOX pitching to shut down "Big Papi" and for the most part, the feared Carmines hitters

-Iguchi to hit a clutch game winning HR

Point: This team is full of surprises and I look forward to what will come of the ALCS. I hope there will be as many, if not more pleasant surprises by players we would never expect. GO SOX!