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07-27-2001, 01:32 PM
A look at each player (including players on the DL and in the minros) and how they fit into our future.

C-1.Sandy Alomar Jr.-Probably traded by July 31
2.Mark Johnson-Finally can hit, should be starting everyday
3.Josh Paul-Back-up at best, verastile, with good speed for a C
4.Miguel Oliva-C of the future, comparisons to I-Rod with the glove

1B-1.Paul Konerko-Trade Rumors, only 25, should be held onto
2.Jeff Liefer-27 years old already, good power, verastile,not better than Paulie

2B-1.Ray Durham-shaky defensively, needs to run more, good power, needs to be more patient at plate, we need him though
2.Liu Rodriguez-25 yers old, good speed, sound defensively, no power, projects as a utility infielder
3.Tim Hummell-can flat out hit, couple of yers away, organization untouchable

SS-1.Jose Valentin-Erratic Arm, great range, signed long-term, great with the bat, team leader
2.Royce Clayton-couldn't hit a softball, fields well,strong arm, needs to be traded ASAP
3.Jason Daellero-young Clayton, once part of plans, now struggling at AAA

3B-1.Herbert Perry-delviers big hits in clutch dosen't fit into next year plans, trade him for prospects., Liefer can handle third this year.
2.Tony Graffanino-Liu could do his job, getting more expensive every year, if somebody wants him, get rid of him.
3.Joe Crede-Third basemen of the future, untouchable, stater next year

OF-1.Carlos Lee-finally showing power, just realizing what he can do, franchise cornestone
2.Magglio Ordonez-3-time all-star, DON'T TRADE HIM
3.Chris Singleton-good fourth or fith OFer, if someone wants him, trade him
4.Aaron Rowand-Possible CF starter next year if Borchard isn't ready, otheriwse stuck behind Borchard, Ordonez, and Lee
5.Joe Borchard-Possible Franchise Player, untouchable
6.Julio Ramirez-A tool,s guy that hasn't developed, projects as a fitfh OFer.

DH-1.Frank Thomas-injured, MVP candidate, future HOFer
2.Jose Canseco-half year rental, done a great job

SP-1.Jim Parque-injured, dosen't throw hard, at age 25 already known as a crafty left-hander, might be better off in the pen
2.David Wells-Probably done in a Sox uni
3.Kip Wells-One of the great young guns, untouchable
4.Jon Garland-See K. Wells
5.Jon Raunch-See K. Wells
6.Mark Buehrle-See K. Wells
7.Sean Lowe-belongs in pen, could be traded
8.Rocky Biddle-Rocky says it all, inconsistent, might be better off as a long reliever
9.Matt Ginter-hasn't done much in his few opportunites, could be a fitfh or fourth stater
10.Stumm, Purvis, Majewski-All too young, too eraly to tell
11.Fogg, Wright, and West draw coparisons to Ginter.

RP-1.Keith Foulke-Our closer, would be disappointed if traded
2.Bob Howry-struggled this year, still huge part of the pen
3.Bill Simas-We've missed him this year
4.Antonio Ousna-same as Simas, with kids coming up, good candidate to be traded next year if healthy
5.Alan Embree-Well, he qualifies for his pension
6.Gar Glover-good young arm stolen from Jays, could end up as a starter
7.Kelly Wunsch-See Simas
8.Ken Vining-second lefty in pen in 02?
9.Lorenzo Barcelo-long man, future closer?
10.Onan Masakoa-bout the same as Vining

If I left anyone out, gve me your opinions on them.

07-27-2001, 01:51 PM
You got everyone I would mention, but I would state a few difference.

3.Josh Paul-Back-up at best, verastile, with good speed for a C
Speed is nice, but if you run the bases like a moron, it really doesn't matter.

2.Royce Clayton-couldn't hit a softball, fields well,strong arm, needs to be traded ASAP
Clayton does NOT have a strong arm. His range is pathetic and when he does (gasp!) get to a ball, he rarely gets a good throw off. He does know how to rely balls from the OF, though, but whenever he gets some gas on a throw, it looks like his arm is going to fall off.

11.Fogg, Wright, and West draw coparisons to Ginter.
I could go along with throwing Fogg, West, & Ginter into the same boat, but Wright is different. He has the real potential to be something really special. I'd say for now, he's in the Garland-Buerhle-Rauch-Wells group.

9.Lorenzo Barcelo-long man, future closer?
When one talks about Barcelo, one must always remember his health problems.

I think that what we can take from this is that we're in pretty good shape. We've got some talent in the minor leagues for almost every position.