View Full Version : Pods MVP?

09-30-2005, 05:55 PM
I admit that choosing an MVP for this team is impossible because so many af the Sox have stepped up at different times and because this team played and won as a team. Nevertheless, I do think Pods did more than his share in making the difference between what most everyone expected and the great season we just saw.

I don't think anyone would disagree that the Sox won this thing in the first half.

It looks to me like Podsednik hurt his leg on or about July 22. On July 23 he started a string of 7 games in which he had 2 SB and was caught 6 times. Up to July 22, he had 50 SB and 9 CS (85%). After July 22, he had 8 SB and 14 CS (36%).

On July 22, when Pods pulled his leg muscle, the Sox record was 63-32 (.663). From July 23 on, with Pods hobbled or missing, they were 33-31 (.516). I think when they lost Pods' running game they lost the early leads they had nearly every game, and the rest of the offense and the pitching were all affected.

So Pods was the first half MVP, and since the Sox won the season in the first half, he is the MVP.

I have to admit I was skeptical of some of the comments others posted about how Frank Thomas had boosted the team (though I do think it is very sad that he will not get to share in the playoffs and ultimate historic WS championship). Frank was activated (first played) on May 30 and went down again on July 20. (Hmmm. Coincidence?) Between those dates the Sox were 29-14 (.674). Before Frank was activated they were 33-17 (.660), so maybe he did give them a boost. But after he went down (at the same time as Pods) they went 34-32 (.515).

So on second thought, I think the turning point in this season may have been the loss of both Frank and Pods within a few days, which sent shock waves down the lineup and out to the mound.