View Full Version : the rare side of media coverage

ode to veeck
09-30-2005, 08:51 AM
I get tired of all the pathetic misinformed, fabricated BS coverage of the Sox, as well as all the fools that bother to read it.

Post any decent Sox coverage to this thread (Moronattis, De Luca, and other trolling misanthropic neanderthals not allowed)

here's John Kass' rebellion against his Cubune's management's thoughts and rooting for the Sox entitled "Sox Rule" his one word for the Sox: guts


The sports illustrated cover story byline says its about the three AL pennant races, but its actually about 70% pretty decent coverage of the Sox and Ozzie.

So much for the SI curse as Paulie had himself a day yesterday after being on the SI cover the day before.