View Full Version : OK, I see how it is now...

09-28-2005, 06:38 PM
You so-called Baseball Gods have a real sense of humour. You figure since we are going to be World Champs this year, that you are going to make damn certain that we sweat blood on the way there.

Hey, that's fine with me, your Diviness. If that is the price we have to pay for a title, show me where to sign. That last inning with the shot by Ozuna and Uribe getting robbed of a 3-run dinger- hey, I see right through all of that.

I just wanted you Holy Ones to know that I know that you know what you're doing.

So there.

Um, amen and stuff...

09-28-2005, 06:41 PM
...oh yeah, and that deal with making the A's and Cards suddenly suck and having the Yankees and Red Cubs and Indians stumble around, that is a pretty cool touch.

What can I say, we're watching you Focker!