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09-24-2005, 10:18 PM
First of all, sorry for getting banned. Will not happen again. okay...

I'm walking out of the gym Monday morning listening to ESPN Radio 1000. The contest is "Who was the supreme player of the game for the Sox in yesterday's win over Minnesota?" Well, considering that Contreras was the only one on the team who did anything that day (a 2-1 Sox winner), I phoned right away and was the 10th caller and answered the question correctly depite a few reasons:
1. I didn't watch the game for fear of it ruining my day should they have lost
2. I didn't listen to the post-game show when they announced that Jose was this supreme player of the day or whatever.

Not having any idea what I've won, the guy takes down my 411 and says I am now in a drawing to win the White Sox VIP treatment for a day for Sunday's home game. He tells me to listen on Wed at 11:40am when they announce the winner.

Wednesday comes and goes and I was too busy to listen, so who knows if I won. Thursday I get a call from the White Sox telling me I was the winner of 4 premium lower box seats and each of us will get to meet and greet one of the players on the field before the start of the game and get a picture with that player. I was so stoked. I will be taking the little lady, my best friend, and his 8mo pregnant wife.

I, of course, will be wearing my home white jersey with SOUTH SIDE on the back.

MODS: Thanks for letting me tell the story and for welcoming back to the board. Let's go White Sox!!!!:smile:

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Sounds like a sweet deal, congrats!:gulp: