View Full Version : SOS - Save our season or save our sanity

09-23-2005, 01:13 PM
Just wondering what everyone thinks has to happen the next 10 games to avoid a colossal collapse - save a plane crash or Jose Lima not giving up 10 homers to the Indians tonight...

Here are a few things I think ...

The All-stars step up and play like all-stars. Konerko stops being a mental case, Buehrle gets his edge back. Actually Garland's last two outings have been fine by me - you hold Cleveland to 2 runs through 7 innings you deserve better.

The $9 million man steps up - Freddy wants to be "Big Game" then go out and do it.

Get it going at the top - hit and run, whatever, Pods and Gooch have to spark this offense again.

Crazy Carl gets his edge back - I thought early in the Cleveland series he looked like he might be getting back a bit but I'm not sure what's going on. His career is almost over - play like it might be your last chance to get to the postseason or series.

Rowand hits close to what he did last year for 10 days. Not even homers. Just hits.

Jenks gets the edge and swagger back - hard to know, maybe too much has been asked of a kid just called up a couple of months ago.

A laugher - this team needs one. We looked last night and the last time they had an easy win was Sept. 2.

And finally, a change in the weather. This one may sound crazy, but I hope if that series in Cleveland means anything, the temps are in the 50s and the wind is blowing in a gale. When Garcia won there early in the year Hafner hit at least two balls that should have gone about 400-plus feet and were knocked down by the wind. We can use all the help we can get.