View Full Version : Why do I always feel better telling myself this?

09-22-2005, 01:18 AM
We have the best AL record. Cleveland is a close second. Under the presumption that our record/their record hold up as the best records in the AL, here's the scenario:

If we go 4-7, Cleveland must go 6-4 to match us.
If we go 5-6, Cleveland must go 7-3 to match us.
If we go 6-5, Cleveland must fo 8-2 to match us.
If we go 7-4, Cleveland must go 9-1 to match us.
If we go 8-3, Cleveland must go 10-0 to match us.

Cleveland is playing unbelievable, and we could have either lost the first two or won the first two, and we split them. Game 3...well...the (lack of) offense we displayed in Minnesota came back.

All the pinhead prognosticators said if we beat Cleveland twice, the division is ours. Now they have to prove it by taking care of business against Minnesota and a Detroit team that, by all accounts, mailed it in September 1st. If we go 2-2 vs. Minnesota, and 3-1 vs. Detroit, we would likely only need one win in Cleveland if they go 6-1 in their next 7. Two if they go 7-0 against KC and TB.

No one wanted it to come to that last series in Cleveland, but it has, and I plan on being there if thats the case, for better or for worse.