View Full Version : I love this trade!

07-27-2001, 04:27 AM
I had almost given up my dreams of being a major leaguer but this trade has revived them.

We just traded JB for an outfielder that is nearly as old as I am and a pitcher with a 6.24 ERA in A ball.

I am positive I could have a 6.24 ERA in A-ball. Is this guy handicapped or something? Does he have one leg?

Of these three players, and myself, I am the most likely to make it on to the White Sox anytime soon. This is exciting news to me.

At least we got rid of the pitcher with the highest ERA of any active 100 game winner. Of course we got pitchers with even higher ERAs despite being in the minors, but I won't have to suffer through any more posts about JB's ERA.