View Full Version : Dusty Baker--top Manager!

08-25-2005, 12:13 PM
Did you catch the bright one today. Dusty's now trying to blame the internet for driving him out of town. www.firedustybaker.com (http://www.firedustybaker.com)
Quoted as saying, ' you don't see other top managers subjected to this!" FYI LaRussa and Torre have similiar sites. For the record, what is TOP MANAGER DUSTY's post season record, as opposed to the other TOP MANAGERS that he includes himself with?
You would think that having a TOP MANAGER as well as the highest payroll in the National League, that the rest of the division, and league, would just concede it to the Flubs! And not subject them to a SUB .500 record. Don't they realize how good they/he is/are?