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duke of dorwood
11-30-2001, 09:32 AM
I have not called Jason Giambi. I haven't been asked to call Jason Giambi," Jeter said yesterday, during a conference call to promote his appearance on this week's "Saturday Night Live." "Tino's one of my best friends on the team, so I don't anticipate calling (Giambi)."

Derek Jeter (r.) believes that Tino Martinez (l.) still has a place on the Yankees.
Still, Jeter added: "Everyone in baseball would love to have Jason Giambi on their team. Jason's a great guy as well. But, for me, I'm biased toward Tino because he is one of my best friends and because of what he does for the team."

Jeter and Martinez both make their offseason homes in Tampa, and the two have spoken as recently as Wednesday, according to Jeter.

"He understands the baseball business," Jeter said. "He understands there are changes. He understands things aren't always the way you like them to be. You'd have to talk to him, but he's taking it in stride."

What would the Yankees miss if Giambi were to displace Martinez at first base in the Bronx?

"Tino has done a great job for us," Jeter replied. "He's been here six years my whole major-league career. ... He's a fan favorite now. Obviously, you'll lose leadership in the clubhouse and you'll lose everything he does on the field."