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08-15-2005, 12:59 PM
Despite the Fact that the White Sox were playing the 1st Place and also storied franchise the Boston Red Sox, it failed to garner any extra interest/stories from the Chicago Media. In fact, the Media treated it as just another ballgame between the two franchises, who've been playing each other for the better part of 100 years. The best the 1st place White Sox could do was be completely even with the Cubs as far as Media Coverage goes.

This of course PALES greatly in comparison to 2003, when the Cubs were at the top of the division, and they got 5 times the coverage as the SOX. Now that the SOX are actually BETTER than what the Cubs were in 03, one would think based on the precedent set by the Media outlets, that the SOX would then get 8 times the coverage .......... but clearly not getting it.

Over the weekend, the SOX got 13 stories, while the Cubs also got 13 stories. Best headline, was "CUBS WHIP CARDINALS", the score being only 4-1 ......... The main SOX story today? Yet another NEGATIVE piece,
ripping on Ozzie for his supposed foul language .......LAST WEEK IN NY!
Instead of talking about who to ACQUIRE for the stretch run, or the still best
record in baseball, or best start in 105yrs, the Chicago Media is STILL trying to instead stir up the negative story pot .......

standings since only 7/25/05

2 cub stories
5 sox stories
3 cub stories
3 sox stories

Also counting the 13 stories for both the SOX and cubs over weekend ...
the SOX were only able to GAIN 3 stories. Pathetic considering were
the ones in 1st place, not them.

4th place, 4 games UNDER .500, 17 games back ......CUBS 173
1st place, 33 games OVER .500, 12.5 games front .....SOX 129


08-15-2005, 01:13 PM
Great, I just copied, pasted and e-mailed that for some cousins from NY & Baltimore whom are coming into town this weekend for the Saturday White Sox vs. NY (AL) team. They were in Wrigley Stadium when the Yankees made their historic trip into Chicago a couple of years ago. They were not impressed with the urinal and it's great parking spaces near the dump. At least they will get a taste of a real baseball experience this weekend.