View Full Version : just got in from our trip to nyc to see the sox

boiler up
08-11-2005, 06:40 PM
hey guys, i don't have alot of time to tell you everything about our trip, except it was awesome. my computer also fried by lightning recently, so i can't host the pics.

we left on sunday and went to the cub vs. mets game at shea (my good friend is a hardcore cub fan). i have to say that shea is the biggest dump ever. the fans weren't into the game and it was the biggest eyesore. I was so supprised at the lack of fan involvement. They never even had any chants and they didn't even use an organ. they didn't even play songs in between batters or anything. i have never been so bored in my life at a baseball game.

we then spend monday and tuesday morning exploring the city and doin all the good touristy stuff.

Tuesday morning before the game we went to the mike north show where he was broadcasting from the grand hyatt of manhattan. we met a ton of the players and got to see mike north give his show (btw jenn from the show is absolutely HOT). I took a picture with neal cotts after his interview, and he was a great guy. real humble and invlovled with all the fans that were there. He was especially nice to all the little kids there, talking to them and just bein a super nice guy. We also talked to the Hawk , tim raines, and herb schneider. Other players/coaches that were mingling around the lounge were Podsednik(was with his parents), dye, herold baines, and joey cora. They were all very nice and enjoyed the company of all the fans.

we went to the tuesday night game at yankee stadiuml. it felt like we were the only ones there that were sox fans. the game was great, as i'm sure you all watched it. we definately saw the fan jump and everyone was taking pictures and laughing at how stupid he was. my best friend and I, heckled the other fans pretty badly, and they were ready to sock us, but in the end we had the last laugh. once again though, the ny fans didn't seem into the game till it came down to the wire and they barley used the organ.

all in all the cell is amazing. if i get my computer up and running, i'll be sure to post the pics up.

Stroker Ace
08-11-2005, 06:45 PM
I was also at the Mets game sunday, and (1) Shea is a dump, and (2), It seemed that only me and a man in front of me followed the game, except when Reyes came up. That's when a group of ( from Where ever country Reyes is from, I can't seem to remember) girls started to scream and wave a flag. I wasn't able to head out to Yankmee Stadium, though:whiner: :angry: