View Full Version : Flubs bring Korey back up!

08-09-2005, 10:32 AM
Start printing those playoff tickets!

08-09-2005, 11:24 AM
You mean you don't have yours already?

Stroker Ace
08-09-2005, 12:18 PM
:rolling: :rolling:

08-09-2005, 12:26 PM
Great. Now we can hear a bunch of delusional people talk about his "5 tools" and how the minor league experience rejuvenated him, mainly giving him the ability to draw a walk.

08-09-2005, 12:30 PM
What are the odds of Cub fans giving him some sort of "Welcome Back" standing ovation during his first at bat, and within 2 or 3 games, and 12 strikeouts, they're booing him again ?

08-09-2005, 01:43 PM
It made little sense to have him down there to start with, arguably, and made absolutely no sense to keep him there after Hairston went down. Only Dusty would be stupid enough to think that playing Jose Macias in CF was a better option than trying to get Patterson, who at his worst is still better than Macias at his best, to "work things out."