View Full Version : El Duque at the Stadium

08-07-2005, 10:32 PM
When the schedule first came out we all looked with dread on the stretch coming up: 3 at Yankee Stadium, 3 at Fenway, then a bunch with the Twins and the Yankees again at home. What we didn't expect, of course, was that the White Sox would be 13 games up in first place. The Yankees would be only 9 games over .500 and in second place. The Red Sox would be a weakened AL East leader with no pitching. And the Twins would be hovering around .500. In other words, the dreaded stretch doesn't look so dreadful.

That said, two of the teams we'll be facing could be in the playoffs: Yankees and Red Sox. And this is a time when we can see how our White Sox would fare against playoff teams in the stretch drive. For that reason I'm excited El Duque will be on the hill tomorrow and in the last game at Fenway. He is the true post-season veteran big-game pitcher on the staff. At Yankee Stadium, where thousands of fans still adore him for his clutch performances from 1998-2001 in a Yankee uniform, he'll get a taste of some of that big-game tension. We've seen him step up in big games - like against Boston or early in the season against Minnesota. We've also seen him struggle against mediocre teams like the Blue Jays. This will be a lot of fun and I hope El Duque shows us what he might look like in the ALCS or the World Series.