View Full Version : Visited Miller Park for the first time Friday, 7/29

Region Sox
08-01-2005, 01:22 AM
I was up in Milwaukee to visit family and headed to Miller Park for the first time. I had been to old County Stadium about a dozen times and liked it, but it was falling on hard times.

I liked most things about the stadium, the food, affordable tickets and parking, the sitelines, etc. It didn't have the atmosphere of a Sox game, but the ushers and fans (by in large) were friendlier. No one smoked in the seating area- can't say I have seen that at Sox games since people usually sneak a puff during games. The crowd was more families (it seemed) and not too hostile. The traffic flow after was more organized as well- I was shocked 28,000+ were able to get in a single file line to exit. The park let people tailgate after which was cool. So I like the look of US Cellular better. I liked the value and staff better at Miller Park. Food is a draw. I think Miller Park is my #2 baseball facility, however I have not visited many of the new parks.