View Full Version : A Look Around The League

07-29-2005, 08:21 AM
Let's look at how the standings are coming along as of 7/29/05...

Orioles drop to 4th place... uhhhhh. 1 game over .500, 5 out of the division and 4 out of the wild card. Geeeeeeze.
Toronto up to 3rd place now. 3 games over .500, 4 out of the division and 3 out of the wild card. They've just been hovering all year though.
Twins are 54-47 and 11.5 behind the Sox. They are 1 game behind Oakland for the wild card lead
The Yankees are back to 2nd place behind Boston and 1/2 behind in the wild card
Cleveland has dropped to 3 games out of the wild card with 4 teams ahead of them
Texas looks like they blew it. 4 out of the wild card with 6 teams to pass and 7.5 behind Anaheim.
Oakland still hanging in there with that 1/2 game over the Yankees.
There's still a ton of teams in contention for that wild card, but with so many in it, I think anything more than 3 games back will kill ya.