View Full Version : Where's our bench?

07-24-2005, 03:00 PM
Despite our record in close games, the make up of our roster may lead to problems in the post season. These problems will stem from the weak hitters that constitute our bench (Harris, Perez, Ozuna). On Saturday night, we were unable or unwilling to hit for anyone in the bottom of our order. Entering the game our 7,8,9 was Crede, Perez, Uribe. Even though they have all had a few big hits they are not viable options at the end of a game. Even though we were short handed without Dye, we should have been able to hit for them with guys on base in the 7th and 9th. Obviously, you can't do that with Harris or Ozuna.

But then why not Gload? He had the lefty/righty going in his favor. Ozzie's devotion to Uribe/Perez/Harris/Ozuna will cost us. We can't have four guys like that on the roster - especially if you're playing Crede (the one light hitting guy you live with). And by the way, none of them can steal a base.