View Full Version : Cool NYTimes article on Pods "art of the steal"

07-11-2005, 10:31 AM
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Podsednik, who causes pitchers and many who try to pronounce his name (Puh-SED-nik) equal consternation, took a rather long lead off first base, wearing the lightweight black baseball shoes he carefully selects, cutting out the tongues, he said, for "less drag" when taking flight.

FOLIP's will love this one-

I voted 25 times for him," said Jerry Reinsdorf, chairman of the White Sox. "Well, you know, this is Chicago, where the slogan is, 'Vote early and vote often.' And it would cost me money. He's got a clause in the contract that if he makes the All-Star team he gets a $100,000 bonus. But it's worth it."

Sxy Mofo
07-11-2005, 10:54 AM
You know... for anyone who isn't quite sure of why pods is a great choice for the AS game... you need only look at saturday nights game. Sure the sox lost, but scott was the only reason they even scored.

First he gets a hit up the middle. Then his basepath presence alone drew iguchi's walk... then the double steal (not even attempted throw) and then a sac fly. Incredible example of why he's so important. That run was all him. And if paully could've hit a fly ball, two runs could've scored solely because of him.