View Full Version : Something to think about before a trade

07-08-2005, 01:59 AM
I just had a thought after reading a lot of this trade talk. As I look at the team now, I am fairly positive that the White Sox, as currently constructed, have a good enough team to make it to the playoffs and succeed against most of the teams that are currently leading divisions or the wild card case.

I say most because the one area where I do worry about the sox is in facing west coast teams, the Angels and Oakland for sure since they seem to be the only teams out there still in the race. It is certainly possible that the white sox would have to face one of these teams in a short series so it would be nice to have someone on the roster comfortable in those surroundings.

I think any pitcher or hitter that the sox acquire should have a decent amount of success against these two teams in their respective ballparks.

Just something to think about and mull over.

07-08-2005, 02:05 AM
I agree. It'd be nice to have insurance of keeping this team in tact hitting wise, and adding a lights out starter by sacrificing only minor league talent... its a lot to ask though. I'd like to see this team go to the playoffs, especially if they can all last that long. I fear freak injuries to our studs, since we haven't had any this season, besides the expected El Duque, and mild Marte injuries.

I'd be satisfied with no move being made. I'm one of the few that has faith in Contreras though. Satisfaction hinges on El Duque's health, if he can really come back and be effective after the all-star break I have full confidence in the team.