View Full Version : Fenway, your fellow fanatics sat behind me today.

07-07-2005, 01:20 AM
Went to the game tonight, and there were about 6 Red Sox fans sitting behind me. I don't like the Red Sox that much because of ESPN mainly, and the AL East... but I like talking to people about baseball. I had heard on this board that Boston fans are pretty good, which I still believe... but I didn't see it tonight.

"Oh man, I root Cubbies all the way in the NL. It must be great having an NL team, I know nothing about the NL because we don't have an NL team in Boston. Sox fan base is so bad, noone is at this game, this is a first place team. That's why I'm such a big Cubs fan, because they are so loyal."

At first I just took a few deep breaths and let him say whatever. He was a guest in the stadium, and was due to maybe change the subject. Then he talked about Clement.

"Yeah that Clement guy has been pretty good I think. He used to play for you guys right? Man Why'd you get rid of him? But yeah, I'm really pulling for those Cubbies. I think this is their year, they have a great ball club and they deserve it. What's your favorite team, you like the Cubs right?"

I preceded to give him a few lessons from then on. 1) Clement came from the Cubs, who were stupid enough to let him go. 2) The great Cubbie organization has TERRIBLE management that lets talent go because they want money, and keep fan favorites around like Mark Grace for way too long. They dumped Maddux when he was one of the hottest pitchers in the majors, and picked him up when he was past his prime just for name sake. 3) This is NOT the Cubs year, and most Sox fans don't like the Cubs. They are a .500 team with no leadoff batter, and their Triple Crown guy just went down to injury. They are a bunch of free swinging strikeout artists. 4) 1917 is the last time we've won a World Series, and we haven't even won a playoff series.

I was surprised that he was surprised by this information. He was talking a lot about baseball like he knew something about it, but he had no clue that the Sox hadn't won in so long. He was still a good guy though, we talked about he Pats because I think they are going to repeat, unless a team like Detroit comes seemingly out of nowhere to have everything go their way, or if Owens and Mcnabb don't have chemistry issues.

Anyways, I hate Red Sox/Cubs fans. Meaning Red Sox fans that are Cubs fans, its so lame. They don't realize how bad their management has, they just put on blinders and go along for the ride, selling out the stadium for a bad product. Oh well. /end rant

P.S. There was a group of Sox fans calling for people to throw back Cantu's HR in my section, and they tried starting the Wave several times, it was crazy. I'm starting to think some Cubbie turncoats are coming to the Cell in fresh black and white Sox gear. Oh well, they failed on both attempts and were given stern talkings to.

07-07-2005, 01:55 AM
Yeah, I was at the game tonight too. Those "fans" who kept trying to start the wave were really annoying, but at least they didn't succeed.

There was a really annoying Twins fan sitting behind me during the whole game. The thing is, I think she actually might have known a little bit about baseball, but she was with someone who apparently didn't know anything. This meant she spent the whole game trying to show off her great knowledge to her friend, but instead came off revealing how little she actually knows. She took every opportunity to bad mouth the Sox, especially Ozzie and A.J. When some of the fans cheered after the Twins highlights were shown she made some comment to her friend about how "we don't do that when the White Sox lose..." Yeah, whatever, honey. You just go to their ballpark, sit with their fans, and start saying nasty stuff about them. After a while it got so ridiculous I thought I would start laughing out loud, especially when she started telling her friend that the Twins have "class" and "heart" and "that's small-market baseball for you."

Oh well, who's 10 and a half games in front? :smile: I made sure I announced that rather loudly when someone sitting next to me was trying to remember what it would be.

Baby Fisk
07-07-2005, 08:15 AM
These very same people are also allowed to drive cars, purchase guns, and bring children into the world. Wow, just wow.

07-11-2005, 03:43 PM
Not representive of a true red sox fan

07-11-2005, 09:03 PM
i've found most red sox fans to be as bad , if not worse, than cubs fans.

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07-12-2005, 06:56 AM
i've found most red sox fans to be as bad , if not worse, than cubs fans.

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They're worse. Cub fans have the excuse, they just don't know any better. Red Sox fans are pathetic and believe the whole world owes them something because the sports collective in their home town won a championship.