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irish rover
11-19-2001, 02:32 PM
How this guy still has a job is beyond me. I emailed him about some concerns me and some other sox fans had with regards to marketing. Basicly I said that "what"they promote is great, not like those gay things on the north side, but it is how they do it. I mean it seems like they market the team to sox fans when they should be trying to attrack the casual fan for they already have us. Last years 100 year promos where all with in the park and I feel should have been apart of thier ad campaign. I told him it is baseball and it should be kept simple(this was in regards to the b&w commercials, I mean how does one get a feel of fireworks night or a day at the game when it is b&w) I said it is not a project for a film studies class. I also told no more ads about Jose's ass. I was very nice and cordial but he wrote me back and was very defensive and showed the arrogance this org has toward us fans, like they are telling us what we should like or be like. here is is response

Dear Mr. xxxxxx:

It's hard not to have people critical of you when you are in a visible position with a sports team
that has many passionate fans like yourself. "You can't please everyone," I've learned, certainly
is true. Part of my job is to "take the heat" from time to time, but I enjoy hearing from fans. Keeps
me in touch.

People have different likes and dislikes. We do have one thing in common, however, a lifelong
affection for the White Sox.

I cannot debate your opinions of me, but please know that Rob Gallas does not work in a
vacuum. There are many, energetic people who work here, and I try to get them all involved in
the creative process. So the programs and promotions we come up with are the results of the
efforts of many people, not Rob Gallas.

Whether it's black-and-white vs. color in our commercials to whether we should do more
promotions with former players, our fans have many diverse opinions. One thing I try and do is
make certain we don't do things just to suit my taste. Sox fans are varied, but we have a
predominately younger fan base, certainly much younger and more vibrant than the Cubs. So we
try and do things with the key demographics of the Sox fan in mind, from promotions to music in
the ballpark. It may not be my taste all the time, but we try and please the broadest possible
audience. And we constantly do phone polling, in-park questionnaires, focus groups, etc., to
make sure we know our audience.

You will be glad to know that there is information on the renovations on the website. We rotate
the photos to the home page occasionally, but you can also find them by going to the Comiskey
Park link or by going to news, the features, then to the month of July. We also plan to honor the
anniversary teams of '72 (30 years) and '77 (25 years), starting at SoxFest and continuing through
the season with other possible promotions.

Thanks for your strong feelings for the White Sox. We are excited about next season with the
prospects of Frank and all our injured pitchers coming back. Hope you are too. GO SOX!


Rob Gallas

11-19-2001, 02:49 PM
Wh1teSox00 thinks that is a load of crap.

"Creative process" my a--. I'm sure those focus groups told him, "The younger demographic would like to see more commercials in black and white. It's the coolest thing nowadays."