View Full Version : This Team reminds me of the 98 Yankees

White Sox Josh
06-27-2005, 11:39 AM
This Sox team really reminds me of the 98 Yankees. They didn't have any superstars except for Jeter and Williams. What they did have was a lot of good role players like Brosius and O'Neil and Martinez. They were good players however none of them would be considered MVP canidates. THey had great team chemistry and a lot of heart. There pitching staff was also very very solid with Wells and Pettite anchoring it. They didn't have the highest payroll either. In fact they didn't even have a guy who hit 30 or more Home Runs. This team doesn't have any real superstars with the exception of Frank and maybe Konerko. Yet this team has a lot of quality players and great team chemistry.