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06-23-2005, 06:22 PM
Hear Me, Hear Me
It Has Been Months
Since You Heard The Mighty Winds
Of My Voice.
In Dis Time, The White Sox
Have Proven- Without A Shadow Of A Doubt
(crowd Chants- "shadow Of A Doubt")
Dat Day Is The Rising Savior Of All Of Baseball.
(angels Shout- "savior, Savior")

This Day Had Been Proclaimed
To Be Put Into Effect On The 4th Of The Fourth Month.
The Message Is Loud N Clear
(chorus Sings-"loud N Clear")
The White Stockings Is Da Chosen Ones
Brought Fourth From The Bowels Of Baseballs
Neglected, Frustrated, Purgatory
To Shine Supremely, Over The Mothership
We Call Americas Pastime

The Losing On The South Side
Is Ovah, To Be Never Seen Agin !!!
"never Agin, Never Agin"
The End Result Will Be Jubilation
On The Streets Of Chicago
Come Late Octoba, In The Arena Of Destiny
Call It Comiskey, Call It Sox Park, Or Call It
Us Cellular.
The Mighty Clouds Of Joy
Will Hover Ovah This Shroud Of Winningness

The Day The Sox- Take Us Fans
To The Altar Of Destiny
To Celebrate Our Fate
The World Champion Of The World
(cue Up-"we Are The Champions")
To Witness Not Only A Championship
But A Championship, Like None Other
Seen In These Parts Before.
The Total Demolishin' Of The American
And National Leagues
Ripped Apart , By The Ordained Hands
And Bats Of My Champion, Your Champion
And Most Highly- Gods Champion.

Twins Players Like Hunter, Morneau And Santana
Will Cower In Its Path, Hiding From The Righteous
Torment, Of Bein Humiliated
(humiliated, Humiliated)
The Serpent From Minnesota Will Be Abolished
By The Messengers Of Honesty, Of Hope, Of Joyous
Revelation- The Mighty Chisox Of Da South Side.

So Count The Days Till The End Of Baseball
As We Know The Game In Its Present State
For After October, A New Leader
With Sit Perched On Top Of The Mountain
Looking Down As The City Of Chicago
Embraces Their New, Glory, With Shouts Of
" Sox Win, Sox Win, Sox Win It All"
Enjoy The Hours Leading Up To The Day Of Infamy.
For Once, Hence That Day Is Delivered
This City Will Never Ever, Evah, Be The Same Again.
( Trumpets Blare)

Be Nice To Those Losers From The North Dump
(world Sings "losers, Losers")
For They Not Know, What Is Going To Happen To Dem
Their Long Overdue Come Uppance
Will Change Their Lives Forever Too.
Have Pity On Those Who Wait, For Waiting
Is The Cubs Long Term Punnishmenta.
They Will Slowly Die Away,
With The Year Etched In Their Feeble Brains
2005- The Year The Sox Reigned Supreme.

Celebrate The Upcoming Victorys
Over Said Losers Of The Nort Side.
It Has Been Forseen, By The Baseball Gods
No Man, No Team, No Powers On Earth
Can Defeat The Machine Of Goodness
Baseballs Savior- Chicago's Proudest Sons
Ozzie Guillens, Boys In Black N Silva'
The Sox- America's Permanent #1

Brought To You By
Da Reverand Rowand Crede
Co Founder Of Da Church Of Da Pale Hose.

06-23-2005, 06:35 PM
Brought To You By
Da Reverand Rowand Crede
Co Founder Of Da Church Of Da Pale Hose.What happened to "Da Reverand MaggsKenerko" from last year? :cool:

06-23-2005, 06:55 PM
What happened to "Da Reverand MaggsKenerko" from last year? :cool:

good question
maggsk retired
so the other co founder
reverand rowand crede
took over