View Full Version : Pure Baseball? (random thoughts)

06-21-2005, 03:23 PM
Throughout the course of the season I've been contemplating the effect of the recent crack down on performance enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball. On the surface it appears as though MLB is experiencing a reversion to what I would call "pure" baseball... the suicide squeeze, the sacrifice bunt, moving the runner over, the double steal, the hit and run, manufacturing runs.

1. Is this an adverse effect of steroid rules causing an MLB power outage, thus forcing teams to adapt to a new style of play?
2. Is this an anomaly caused by the teams near the top of MLB adopting this style of play (specifically the Sox)?
3. Is MLB undergoing a philosophical change in managerial style?
4. A combination of the above?

Obviously teams such as the Sox, Twins, Nationals and Angels have never had the "Super-Star" roid-raging Jason Giambi's of the world. Are these types of clubs now thriving due to this reversion to "pure" baseball? Unfortunately I have more questions than answers.