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06-20-2005, 11:59 PM
I was originally a Cito Gasten guy when the Sox for looking for a new manager. I can't believe how pleasantly wrong I was. While Ozzie may have made some on-field decisions that really had me scratchin' my head, he appears to run one hell of a clubhouse. He may have a mouth that'd make a truck driver blush, but he's got this team all headed in the same direction. This isn't something that's just happened because they're winning either. You've heard it from players themselves. This team knew it had something special in spring training.

Props to Ozzie for nurturing this group and keeping it focused and heading in the right direction. We're witnessing some magic hear, folks.

Notes: Keeping Hermanson fresh (http://notes:%20Keeping%20Hermanson%20fresh/)

"I want him to understand our situation," said Guillen of Hernandez. "As management and the manager's and the pitching coach's situation, we want the best for him and we want the best for this team. But we are not here to rehab. We are not here to see what's going to happen. We are here to win games every day. "In that situation right now, we have to count on everyone on this team. We can't go and gamble or guess and hope something happens." When asked if he really expected Hernandez to make 30 starts this season, after making 37 combined over the past three seasons, Guillen pointed out that all the medical tests show Hernandez to be healthy. He also stated with great conviction that Hernandez will do what's best for the team and, that if Hernandez says that he feels something, he knows "100 percent that he feels something."

06-21-2005, 12:33 AM
I said this then and I will say it now, I had a feeling when Ozzie was being considered for manager that he held the key to the promised land. Not because I am any kind of psychic or anything, I just felt it would take a former player to work the kind of magic that we obviously needed to break our 87-year slump. Looking back, it was damn unrealistic of me to expect this to happen in year #1- especially with another guy's squad, but this year it is HIS team, HIS way.

If you would have told me that we would become a winning force by switching to a National League-style of play, I would have gotten very quesy. But not only does he have us winning with this style, he has us LIKING it!

If there is one thing I don't care for, it is his awful potty mouth, but he keeps it mostly out of the public eye and that is cool. If he is to be our Patton, then that comes with the territory.

Garland Jeffreys asked "What does it take to win your love?"
One need only look at the product at Comiskey Park...