View Full Version : Randy Johnson

06-16-2005, 08:42 PM
So about a week ago I was wondering if Joe Torre was going to give John Flaherty a chance to catch Randy Johnson. RJ wasn't struggling just because of Posada. RJ's stuff just wasn't quite where it was in previous years. Still, RJ wasn't working very well with Posada and so I thought Flaherty should be given a shot. Torre did end up starting Flaherty at C last Saturday and Johnson had his best outing of the year. Obviously Torre wasn't about to go away from what worked so Flaherty caught RJ again today and RJ delivered his best outing of the year. He threw a complete-game, 5-hitter and struck out 11, the first time he's struck out 10 or more this year. He looked really good out there. I didn't get to see last Saturday's game, but this was clearly the best I've seen RJ throw all year. He threw 24 balls in 110 pitches and was ahead of almost every batter he faced. Easily the most dominant he has been this year.

Obviously Torre would like to have Posada's bat in the lineup, but after the last two outings, I have to think Flaherty is going to be catching RJ for the near future.