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06-13-2005, 02:29 AM
You can interpret the data in many ways, I suppose. Is the NL Central that awesome (what division has more teams playing sub .500) or does the AL East suck that badly? Records for the past 6 games:

NL Central: 21-9
AL Central: 19-11 (Sox & Cle 5-1; KC 4-2; Minn 3-3; Det 2-4)
NL East: 15-9
NL West: 11-19
AL West: 9-15
AL East: 9-21

AL teams not in the Central Division that had a winning record: 1 (Angels 4-2)

Anyone see a pattern developing?

06-13-2005, 09:32 AM
The NL Central numbers are strange but not that strange. They break down thusly:

Cubs: 1-2 vs. White Sox, 1-2 vs. Blue Jays, 2-1 vs. Red Sox; overall 4-5
Cards: 2-1 vs. Red Sox, 2-1 vs Yankees, 2-1 vs. Royals; overall 6-3
Reds: 1-2 vs. Indians, 3-0 vs. Devil Rays, 2-1 vs. Orioles; overall 6-3
Astros: 0-3 vs. Rangers, 3-0 vs. Blue Jays; overall 3-3
Brewers: 1-2 vs. Twins, 2-1 vs. Yankees; overall 3-3
Pirates: 2-1 vs. Orioles, 2-1 vs. Devil Rays; overall 4-2

Total: 26-19

I think you've got a misprint.

06-13-2005, 09:51 AM
I think you've got a misprint.
Sorry to nitpick, but he stated that those were the records for the past 6 games, not including the "rivalry" games back in May. The matchups for the past week have been comparable to what the NFL does between the AFC and the NFC; hence, the reflexive records of each division.

Going back to the original question, I think one week of interleague play is as good an indicator of a team's (or division's) strengths as any other 6 day stretch in the season.