View Full Version : Vote For All Star Sox Players!!!

06-11-2005, 09:53 PM
I know it is not a big thing, but I think we, as Sox fans should do our best to get our players some recognition and we could do this by voting for them on the MLB.com All Star voting. It says you can only vote 25 times a day, but you can just fill in other names and email addresses and vote as many times as you want. I just think that we should have more players than Paulie that are in the top 5 in voting. Iguchi, AJ, Pods and Aaron should also be there. Matter of fact the whole team should be represented!!! So I ask all White Sox Interactive members to go to http://www.mlb.com (http://www.mlb.com/) and vote as many times as you physically can to get our Sox players some recognition. This is a small thing we can do for them to show that we are all 100% behind them and that we appreciate their hard work and effort.

If you look at the tallies at this moment, the Yankees, Red Sox and Orioles are all well represented and they do not deserve it as much as our White Sox!! Jason Giambi is #2 for the DH..... He is a cheater and scumbag!!! Vote for Frank because of what he has done for the Sox! Iguchi is not a top 5 second baseman??? Come on!! AJ is a great catcher and he is not even mentioned!!!

It might seem kind of childish, but I enjoy seeing our team's players getting some quality recognition and they deserve it, so GO AND VOTE!!! I really think that if each one of us votes 50- 100 times a day, we can change the injustices going on!!! We definitely cannot rely on Francona to place Sox position players on the team!!! I know he will put Buerhle, Garland and Hermanson out there, because if he did not he would be attacked!!! But we need more of our guys!!! So lets try to make a difference and get our guys out there!!! I hope some of you agree with me and will help out. I vote around 100- 200 times a day. It is real easy because once you put your info in, you can continue voting 25 times and then you only have to change an email address 4 times, in order to vote 100 times!!! Plus you do not have to move the mouse much because if you place it in a certain spot, all you have to do is click it at that spot and it will register the AL & NL teams the same way every time.

So go out and help our players!!! They deserve it!! It also gives you a chance to vote against FLUBBY PLAYERS, especially Nomar, who has not done a thing!!! So voting gives you 2 pluses without any negatives!!! and it is not that hard, it only takes 20 minutes!!

:dtroll: :gulp: GO SOX!!! TO HELL WITH THE FLUBS!!!