View Full Version : Free Sox Tix at Arlington Park if you go enough times...

06-10-2005, 07:15 PM
Every Friday at Arlington Park, there is a Miller Lite tent outside. You register for free, and Each time you visit, you gain rewards (e.g. first visit gives you free admission to Arlington, 3rd visit gives you free sunglasses, etc). On the 5th visit, you get a pair of free Sox tix, which they have there. They are sec 153 and against the Tigers, but I was in a hurry to get a race in that I didn't check the exact date. Not bad, I was expecting upper deck, great deal for me since I go once in a while and without even spending that much on wagering, earn enough for free admission. Next time I'll go I'll try to get the exact date

Edit: Also, you have to be 21 (stupid Miller Lite Association) and check in before the 7th race on the Friday (usually like 6?), since everyone gets in free after the 7th race, and they want you to pay for admission, but it's easy to get comps and such

06-10-2005, 08:15 PM
Cheaper in the long run to buy tix at the Cell, if that's what you want.