View Full Version : Random Thoughts 6/1/05

06-01-2005, 10:21 AM
Was in the BullPen Bar recently, with a gentleman who claimed to be a Cub fan.
The SOX got a few things going, when he started to cheer against the SOX.
This of course got the attention of a number of SOX fans at the bar. They hurled insult after insult at him. The Cub fan said we werent any good and havnt been to the playoffs in "9 years". I said he was wrong .......

We began to talk about all the Venezuelan ballplayers on the SOX, when one of the latin Sox fans mentioned that psycho Zambrano was also Venezuelan.
Cub fan said no way, SOX fans dont know what theyre talking about, hes from the Dominican. The latino sox fans went nuts on the guy, saying for sure now he doesnt know anything, all the while he was saying Go Cubbies, were going all the way. (I know that psychozambrano is venezuelan)

I mentioned to cub fan visitor that SOX fans are very knowledgable and that
were way smarter than the media cares to admit ........

It was his first visit to comiskey and I know he got more than he bargained for....luckily, sox fans were able to prove me right.