View Full Version : Iguchi's Slide

05-27-2005, 04:05 PM
There were several mistakes made on the play that Gooch was called out on at the plate.

Obviously, the original mistake was by Lackey, who threw his second wild pitch of the inning. Dumb luck helped him out by having the ball bounce back to his catcher.

Lackey came off the mound and covered home plate. Picture this in your mind, Lackey was facing toward his catcher, that is, his back was towards the mound. That was another mistake. A pitcher covering the plate on a wild pitch should position himself on the left hand batter's box side of the plate (yes, he had sufficient time).

Tadihito came straight in to the plate, and was tagged out on a very close play. He may have been safe, but he was called out. But T.I. also made a mistake.

Iguchi should have slid behind Lackey and just stuck his arm between Lackey's legs and tagged home plate. I know it sounds strange, but it works. When the runner goes behind the pitcher like that, the pitcher will turn and try and tag out the runner. But by that time, the run has scored.

But, you might ask, were Lackeys' feet togeather? Nope, about four to six inches apart, more than enough to tag the plate.

It's too late for last night, but I hope Ozzie talks to the Gooch about this alternative.