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05-26-2005, 03:55 PM

I am organizing a Bachelor Party for a friend of mine that is getting married. We want to go to a Sox game (15-20 of us) and I was wondering about something. Do they sell Standing Room Only tickets? If so, how can I get them. I was thinking we could all just go early and grab space on the Center Field home run area.

Anyone know if this would work? I dont really feel like fronting all the money for $28 upper deck tickets.

05-26-2005, 03:57 PM
Can you access the main concourse with standing room?

05-26-2005, 03:59 PM
SRO tickets are only given out after every real seat has been sold. There is no "general admission" type ticket. I would suggest calling the box office and trying to get the cheapest available upper deck tickets. They can also put your buddy's name on the scoreboard or a message from your whole group. I think that whoever puts together a group outing gets some type of gift (parking pass, future game voucher) for throwing down so much money on a large amt of tix.

05-26-2005, 03:59 PM
Can you access the main concourse with standing room?

well that would be another question to ask also. i would think so, it really would suck to be limited to the upper deck and not even be allowed to sit :(:

05-26-2005, 04:01 PM
Another option would be to buy the cheapest Upper Deck tickets possible and go to the Bullpen Bar. Get there early though.

05-26-2005, 04:03 PM
You are only allowed access to the lower level concourse and all of its goodies if you have a ticket anywhere in the lower deck/100 level (scout, lower box/reserved and bleachers). There is always at least 2 ushers at each entrance to the 100 level and it is impossible to sneak by...unless of course by buying a few 100 level tix and passing the tickets back :cool:

05-26-2005, 04:05 PM
you can rent out the fan deck......

05-26-2005, 04:28 PM
they do have a bulk group discout...My fraternity has gone to a couple of games this year for I think 15 bucks a ticket.

05-26-2005, 04:32 PM
For a Bachelor Party I would highly recomend a patio party, I think 20 is the minimum! We did that for my brothers party and I used to have a yearly Cubs Sox Patio Party before they implimented the 2 other group rule if you want that series... I would look into that! All you can eat and all you can drink for 2 hours is well worth the Patio fee and the 1/2 price tickets... ESPECIALLY for something like a BAchelor party!

05-26-2005, 04:35 PM
Good suggestions.

To verify: no, there are no SRO tickets unless the game is sold-out (good luck on that one).

And yes: you will not be able to go down to the outfield concourse if you have UD seats.

Sounds like the patio's a sweet deal...