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05-21-2005, 03:04 PM
I sense the worm beginning to turn


Sox Park outshines Wrigley in every way

May 20, 2005

I'd like to put to rest the notion of Comiskey Park -- U.S. Cellular Field or The Cell, if you will -- being inferior in any way to Wrigley Field. Believe me: The only people saying such a thing are those who have not visited in the last three years or Wrigley Field (Cubs?) fans.



Sox-fan agony

Chris Hutchings

May 21, 2005

Chicago -- This is regarding John Kass' May 15 column, "First-place Sox look for love in hearts of city." I have been a Sox fan for 61 years, eight months and 28 days. I will always be a Sox fan. Some Cub fans once asked me why, if I was such a Sox fan, did I not support my team by attending more games. I was stuck. I felt like a Bush supporter when asked why he didn't join the National Guard.

So I thought about it for a while and came up with four answers: I'm mad. I'm bitter. I'm insecure. I'm scared.

Baseball's cathedral

Ed Koska
Published May 21, 2005

Glen Ellyn -- After seeing another Cubs-Brewers game in Milwaukee, I couldn't help but compare their Miller Park with our Wrigley Field. Dazzling Miller Park has very easy access and many acres of parking at $6 per vehicle. Inside there are wide aisles, immaculate restrooms, excellent concessions and no falling concrete. Ticket prices are cheaper and there are no obstructed views. And then there is that incredible retractable roof. Am I complaining? Not at all. How can you knock an ancient cathedral?