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05-16-2005, 11:27 AM
There were NUMEROUS articles on the team yesterday and havnt seen that much ink and space devoted to the SOX since 1994!!!!!!! Very deserving, considering the fact were in 1st place. Jonathan Kass article
Amazing to read that much about us and our start. Also amazing to see
how the Chicago Media continues to stick with the Attendance issue.
Especially irritating was Moronotti calling out SOX fans for not showing up,
while saying this was a cub town. Ridiculous.

Hes been here long enough and knows the reason why perceptions are the way they are. A Huge Corporation outmarkets its competition, while Sox Ownership stands pat and justifies it by saying its not a 2 team market, and that they only "compete against ourselves".

Perceptions are killing this team, and I know eventually things will change because the Marketing team is being PROACTIVE now. The SI writer who did the Ozzy piece said on the Score saturday morning, that the SOX just "arent as popular" as the Corporation from the Northside, but heres where
my post is different this time around. A caller than immediately said he was a big Sox fan, and that he was in NY last week and caught a Yankee
game, and said there were actually SOX fans at the game, and that Yankee
Fans and NY fans were definitely talking about the SOX, and their hot-start,
blowing a hole in the SI writers all too normal "Sox arent popular" blanket statement. Keep it up everyone .........

05-16-2005, 12:00 PM
Didn't the Sox draw about 130,000 fans for the 4 games series against the O's,! There just looking for anything negative to write, to keep the casual fan from rooting for the Sox.

05-16-2005, 12:07 PM
I think there's a lot more Sox fans around the country than most people realize.

I have posted here before that there are a lot of Sox fans in NW Arkansas due to the huge Chicago retiree population and I have seen several here in Omaha - and that was the last few years when we were finishing 2nd. There's a pizza place in Omaha where the owner is from the S side and wears a Sox hat. The Nebraska football coach, Bill Callahan, is a Mendel HS grad and a Sox fan. I've seen the 2003 state HS football champs Millard North coach in the paper with a Sox cap.

Chicago is a huge metro area and there are many former S Siders throughout the midwest. I've seen many Sox fans at the ballparks in KC & Texas.

The Sox are poised for a resurgence in Chicago and the pendulum will swing back to our beloved team as long as we keep winning.