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05-12-2005, 05:15 AM
I don't ever really post here, but I just feeling like getting fellow Sox fans opinion:

"U.S. Cellular has not been a happy place for Sosa, with Sox fans remembering his less-than-spectacular numbers during his stint on the South Side, made even more maddening by his successes with the Cubs"

That quote was taken from Bob Foltman column in the Tribune and I think it is completely wrong. Sox fans don't hate Sosa because of the success that he had at Wrigley. We hate him because he was always about Sam-ME and nobody else. He always was even when he played at Comiskey Park. Plus it was the fact that Sam-Me got a free pass, while Frank a better player (without the help of Steroids) was scrutinized like nobody else. The Sun-Times did a front page story about the financial problems of "Big Hurt Enterprises", did Sammy's Wife beating make the front page or his steroid usage. Is Frank a Me guy, no doubt about it, but he isn't a fake like Sam-Me and has definitely got a raw deal from the media. I think that is why Sox fans hate him. It has little to do with his success. As a matter of fact, Sox fans were pretty easy on Sammy, until he became a one-dimensional player that no longer stole any bases and couldn't throw. What pissed Sox fans off the most was hearing how great he was from Cubs Fans, who don't realize that he could of been something real special. And honestly, without steroids he would have been above average at best. And definately not a Hall of Famer.

Now that that is off my chest, I have another rambling. It is about Hal's column on attendence. While the after memorial day might be right, it really is unimportant because attendance doesn't translate into wins. I hate how the media carps on this because they have nothing creative, I hope I never become so pathetic.

My final point, I promise. The Sox have a damn good team and that can compete. It is a solid team that knows how to play the game. Good pitching, good defense, and situational hitting. People don't realize what situational hitting can do. Ozzie is right when he says "Los Gringos call it Small Ball, I call it Smart Ball". It is in the Sports Illustrated column on Ozzie and if you have a message for him email him at ozzieguillen13@hotmail.com

Alright that is all.


05-12-2005, 07:03 AM
Amen. I read recently that some "superstar" (talking about amphetamines) said that if they ban "greenies" there'll be a lot of boring 2-1 and 3-2 games from Memorial Day to the end of the season. I've always thought 2-1 was a lot more interesting, and even more exciting, than 14-8.