View Full Version : Mets return to TV in New York City finally

05-10-2005, 06:53 PM

An Amazin' deal!
Mets are back on TV
Time Warner Cable customers were finally able to watch the Mets on TV last night, but fans had to endure two rain delays and an old interview with Keith Hernandez before they saw the Amazin's win.
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Battle is over, not cable war
Bob Raissman: Mets fans felt relief and happiness when Cablevision and Time Warner Cable agreed yesterday on a five-year contract to return MSG/FSNY to Time Warner systems.
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Blackout socked Yank fans, too
Denis Hamill: It was fun while it lasted. The dark cloud of the Mets TV blackout has lifted, but while it was there, it had a few silver linings.To start with, it gave married guys from Bay Ridge to Bayside a perfect excuse for escaping to corner saloons to watch Mets games on special hookups. "I'd love to stay home with you and the kids, honey, but the Mets are only playing down in the bar," was the new furlough line around town.

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