View Full Version : Hey this Was a GOOD deal

07-26-2001, 06:07 PM
I was a little upset we gave Majewski up for Osuna. He's very young (I think he's 20?). Regardless of his stats this year, he has a lot of time left to develop. By the time we figure out who out of this crop (Wells, Garland, Rauch, Ginter, etc.) is legit, he and the next crop (Stumm, Pervis) will be ready. Manasoka has MLB experience. I know we have a lot of lefties but they are a very valuable commodity. Look what you can get for a reliever these days (D'Angelo Jiminez). Berry sucks, plain and simple. We did however get two good young pitchers out of it. Lets give Williams a chance to make all his moves before we castrate him ok?