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11-06-2001, 05:28 PM
I am now a huge Arizona Diamondbacks fan.

My dad was in a GREAT mood last Wednesday, and he mentioned going to games 6 and 7 in Arizona. I didn't know if he was serious, but then when he started bidding on E-Bay tickets, I started packing my bags with a smile, in complete surprise.

We got outbid by several hundred dollars on E-Bay so we planned on buying tickets from scalpers.

Saturday morning we walked around the park and were swarmed by the sellers. We ended up getting 13th row, by the right field umpire.

Before the game, Yankee fans (a TON of them) were saying stuff like, "As soon as we win this game I can sleep in." They were so cocky and it made me hate the Yanks even more, and become an even bigger D-Backs fan.

As you know, the game was a blowout. A Yankee fan behind me had a sign that said something like, "Old Blue eyes singing in the desert." After the game, Sinatra's song began playing, but then abruptly ended like the needle being pulled of the record. It was a little classless, but funny.

One female fan fan an awesome sign: "A Pettite Yank cannot satisfy me like a big hard Johnson!"

Another said, "In takes more than 9 Yanks to beat my Johnson!"

The AZ fans were pretty clever and into the game, except for 2 giants sitting in front of us who got drunk and passed out from the 2nd inning on. It was hilarious - they blocked the whole row (they were like 6'7"!!) and were completely out of it. Everyone was laughing at them and getting their pictures next to the sleeping giants...

After the game, we went looking for tix so we wouldn't have to in the morning. We asked for everyone's best seats...One guy said he had 2nd row by the on-deck circle. We asked how much and he said "$2500 a piece" without blinking an eye.

We got seats 30 rows back from the Yanks' on-deck circle for about 2000 less. GREAT seats. Every time there was 2 strikes or 2 outs, everyone was on their feet.

After Soriano hit that homer, the crowd was totally lifeless. And then when Rivera started warming up it got even quieter. A Yankee fan had a sign: "Sorry Yogi, It's over when Rivera comes in!" My dad said it's a shame the D-backs lost, but I said, "Hey, this things not over. It's getting set up for a dramatic ending like Gibson off Eckersley --- Someone off Rivera."

When Womack got the tying hit, the place was a complete madhouse. I totally lost my voice and everyone was jumping around, going completely insane. Then when Gonzo won it, people were hugging complete strangers and the party began. I said the only thing that could possibly top this is the Sox doing this.

We went to the 2nd row behind the AZ dugout and saw all the players walk in. We were on the local sports TV several times. Came inches away from getting a shirt and hat.

Outside the park, garbage covered the streets, police and horses were dressed in riot gear, people were rocking cars, everyone was high-fiving and honking their horns. I thought if this were in Chicago, they'd be burning down the city. Some drunk fans threw a table off a 2nd story bar and critically injured a man. It was completely crazy. I will never forget it.

If you ever get the chance, you must go to a World Series at sometime, Sox or no Sox. Tickets are easier to get than you'd think. It was probably the best weekend of sports ever, with that Bears game too! But let's hope us Sox fans can all share this feeling within a few years - it'd be a dream come true.

By the way, I also met Peter Gammons, Dave Campbell, and Jim Grey sat 2 rows in front of us. I almost asked him how Pete Rose was, but I didn't and got my picture w/ him. Tony Womack (I think it was him) drives a purple Lamborghini.

It's weird - the D-backs might be in the AL next year, and I'll be cheering against them when they play the Sox.

Also - Brenly will manage the NL All-Stars next year, while his players will be in the other dugout!!

11-06-2001, 10:05 PM
"It takes more than 9 Yanks to beat my Johnson!"
hahahahaha thats great

sounds like you had a good time.

11-06-2001, 10:27 PM
Hootie, great story.

Question for you: was this trip just an "ah hell, let's go for it" kinda deal, or is your family somehow fan-connected to AZ or the D-backs?

11-07-2001, 12:02 AM
Besides being HUGE Sox fans, me and my dad are just "Baseball Freaks." We have been to the following stadiums:
Comiskey (tons)
Old Comiskey (a few but I was like 5)
Wrigley (a lot)
Yankee Stadium (2x)
Fenway (3x)
Camden Yards
The Jake (2x)
Comerica (2x)
Oakland Colissium
Anaheim (2x)
Turner Field
Pro Player
Busch (5x)
County Stadium (2x)
Miller Park
Bank One (3x)
Pac Bell
Dodger Stadium (2x)
Coors (2x)
Mile High Stadium (Rockies 1st year)

We see the Sox on the road a lot, I go w/ him on business trips a lot, and we took a bus tour 2 years ago where we saw 9 stadiums and the HOF in 10 days. It's just a hobby of ours to visit stadiums. Plus, we've never been to a World Series, and we've always wanted to go. It was real spontaneous, spur of the moment kinda thing. We saw the Orange Bowl Nat'l Championship last yr in Miami and the College World Series in Omaha this summer too.

11-07-2001, 05:31 AM
Great story Hootie, except for the injuries part.

God I wish my dad's hobby was visiting stadiums instead of sitting at home and yelling at me.

I've been to Washington DC on a school trip, Nantucket/Tuckernuck, Lake George, and Misquamicut a few times but that's about it lol.

No wonder I wanna go to FSU.