View Full Version : A.J. going to be interviewd by Jim Rome between 1:00 & 2:00 P.M. Est.

The Racehorse
04-28-2005, 11:09 AM
I'll try and post what is said.

04-28-2005, 11:16 AM
Jim Rome, LOL. What a tool. But you can't help but listen to that show, LOL!

The Racehorse
04-28-2005, 11:19 AM
Jim Rome, LOL. What a tool. But you can't help but listen to that show, LOL!

Yeah, I like listening to him because of his over the top sarcasm. I don't agree with everything he says, but his sarcasm is... ridiculous... hilarious. :D:

04-28-2005, 12:23 PM
Seems like Rome and A.J. are homeboys. A.J. has been the correspondant (sp?) for his TV show 3 or 4 times already.

The Racehorse
04-28-2005, 12:58 PM
Looks like A.J. will be on in the third hour [between 2:00 & 3:00 P.M. Est].

The Racehorse
04-28-2005, 01:53 PM
Here's the recap from the Rome interview with AJ. No real blockbuster comments. I paraphrased as well as I could.

Rome: new town, new team, new league how is it?
AJ: everything is great so far.

Rome: Jermaine Dye, how did he handle SS?
AJ: looked like a black Cal Ripken out there, he was great… and with Widge on 3B, it was a crazy day. I was thinking about begging for the opportunity to play SS.

Rome: you’d be ready to pivot for the DP?
AJ: heh heh.

Rome: What about Manager Ozzie Guillen?
AJ: Ozzie is amazing, gets after it just like a player… doesn’t hide or run away from anything. Tells players where they stand every day.

Rome: must there be separation between manager and players?
AJ: everyone respects Ozzie no problem, besides who’d go after him since he’s in great shape and all.

Rome: is Ozzie in better shape than Philipe Alou?
AJ: heh heh… Alou has 6 pack abs and he's 70 years old.

Rome: What about the bay area [Oakland] fans?
AJ: everything was good… some guy [A’s fan] came down from the UD to heckle but that was about it.

Rome: do you feel that Chicago has given you the chance to get to know you maybe the way SF did not do get to know you?
AJ: yes, everything about being here has been great.

Rome: what about retrieving Widger’s home run ball? How’d did that happen?
AJ: Widge said to me sometime ago how it’d be special to get his first HR ball [in so long] if and when it happens. I was in the training room when he connected and after locating the person and a little bartering using some MLB gear as bait, I was able to get the ball from the fan who caught it.

Rome: is Barry Zitio still Zito?
AJ: he was for 6 innings against us. He’ll be back. He’s a former Cy Young award winner and knows how to pitch.

Rome: Minnesota gave you a lot of love when you guys went up their to play. What was that like?
AJ: almost walked in the [their] home clubhouse a couple times out of habit [chuckle]. I had a great time there because I’m still friendly with some of the [Twins] players and their families… still a lot of friends in Minnesota.

Rome: are you the type of person who’ll go seek people and engage them or do you lay back and let people come to you in order to get to know others.
AJ: in SF, I was the one to go and seek out others with mived results... here in Chicago, I’ve been laying back and letting others come to me and it’s been way more positive experience. Also, my locker is between out two Japanese players who don’t speak english and I’ve been basically left alone… so maybe that has something to do with it [chuckles].

Rome: what about the leaders in the clubhouse?
AJ: Paul Kornerko and Mark Buerhle have been great as leaders.

Rome: what about the division? C.C. Sabathia has come on this show and said the Indians are the team to beat. Dmitri Young has stated that the Tigers are the team to beat.
AJ: everyone has a chance. But until Minnesota knocked off, they’re the favorites.

Rome: Johan Santana. What about him?
AJ: not a nastier filthier pitcher to bat against.

Rome: why didn’t you take that game off?
AJ: it was a ESPN game, gotta do that game [chuckles].

04-28-2005, 02:08 PM
How come there's no ribbon for "Clubhouse Cancer"?