View Full Version : One Happy Kid

04-26-2005, 12:57 AM
I'm definitely intoxicated. But I watched this game and all I could think was "THE SOX ARE SO HARD"

A pitcher's duel the whole game, the Sox struck when the striking was good. They should nickname themselves to the COBRAS.

Maybe it was the alcohol, but while watching this game I noticed the following....feel free to make me feel dumb.

1.) Pablo Ozuna is awesome. Great defense, good hitting.
2.) I love Widger!
3.) Garland PROVED himself. I was amazed by his complete game shutout against this team a lot of people would like to think we're "cursed" with.
4.) Final point, the Sox proved what they've been trying to prove all season. They know how to win....bottom line. This team will find a way to win.

Either way. Like the title says, I was one happy kid :smile: