View Full Version : Joe and Juan robbed by wind

04-23-2005, 10:09 AM
They both hammered balls into the teeth of that wind and Joes even hit near the top of the wall. They both would have had homers on any other day. Great to see Juan now joining the party as he looks real hitterish right now.

Pods,Tahito,Joe,Juan and AJ - who'da thunk it.

Freddy!!!!! I love the pace of pitching for Freddy,Burls and Jonny this year. I think Burls is rubbing off on these other two as they seem to really be pitching faster. Now if Damaso and Kotts can only throw strikes against lefties we should be fine.

Now finish the job against KC and go get 2 of 3 against the frigging A's. Then the brawl with Detroit is looming.