View Full Version : Sox Talk on Chicago Tonight

04-22-2005, 04:37 PM
Caught a bit of Chicago Tonight on WTTW last night, and Sirot was talking to Armour, the columnist who writes "Armour & Co." for the Trib. Beside Armour avowing his status as a Sox fan, they talked a bit about a program the Sox have for attracting celebs to the park, and showed off a brochure the marketing dept. is sending to swank hotels, movie shoots, etc. Basically, they want to encourage celebs to associate themselves with the White Sox, and promise them a good time, suite, and publicity, if they'll throw out the first pitch and be seen around the park. Apparently this is behind Noah Wyle's and David Cassidy's recent appearances.

Sirot and Armour cast it as imitating the Cubs, but it sounds like plain good marketing to me.