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04-19-2005, 11:16 PM
- Yo Sox fans on our site...http://acx.prospero.com/dir-app/icon.aspx?realmId=0&iconTypeId=4&iconName=emailSubscribe (http://www.forums.mlb.com/n/mb/subscribe.asp?webtag=ml-twins&msg=12500.1&ctx=0) From: twinsguy (http://www.forums.mlb.com/dir-app/bbcard/profile.asp?webtag=ml-twins&uid=864975820) Apr-16 1:07 am To: ALL (1 of 38) 12500.1 (http://www.forums.mlb.com/ml-twins/messages?msg=12500.1) Wow, a Sox fan who can spell Woo hoo! That's much more than I would have expected out of your public school system.

Has anyone noticed on the pale hose site, that you have to go through a basic training on how to talk on the message board before you can post. That says a lot about the Chicago wannabees. You talked about it in 02. Spouted it out in 03. Then drooled it out in 04 as we were sipping the bubbly in your own locker room. Three years of giving up, passing around the tail pipe to each other and passing the excuses around like towel snaps in the clubhouse.

Don't you guys get it...It's not that you lost, it's that you did it like losers. Now your all bragging about the new team that plays little ball right and developing around pitching and defense! Duh! Knock-knock Sox heads!! Sounds a lot like, if you can't beat um'...Join um' ,to me. I thought such stallworths such as Magglio Or-we-done-ez, The Big Hurt-us-in-the-standings Thomas, Kieth "It's not my" Faulk, Car-loss Lee and other legends were going to bring you to the promise land! Sorry, but the only summitt these guys led you to was the top of the junk heap! Then again, I bet the view is great from up there.

A bunch of the wise men from your web site have been saying that other than Santana, the Twins staff is weak. Once again, 90 years of ineptitude (For you on the south side...That's bad!) has soaked into the empty orifice of a crainial cavity. (That's at the top of your heads folks. For you North Siders, that would be halfway to your feet and in the back) To actually say you would rather have Frederica Garcia and Marky Burlie than Santana and Radke shows not only your your lack of any baseball knowledge but also utter ingnorance. Harry Carry is now rolling over in his grave...or was he just pickled and displayed in Juicy Fruit Park.

Maybe it would be best if you took your last championship trophy from 1919, (Ooops, sorry. They took that one away for Pete Rose infractions didn't they.) your pretty black shorts and white collars, burnt Bee Gee albums and loud mouth over paid lazy primedonna athletes and go back to that wonderful city that doesn't deserve any of you and let us Norwiegians enjoy our young hungry hard working boys of summer win another division title.

04-19-2005, 11:21 PM
He doesn't sound bitter or anything.

It's kinda sad. The Twins fans are starting to sound alot like Scrub fans.

04-19-2005, 11:25 PM
It's kinda sad. The Twins fans are starting to sound alot like Scrub fans.
I didn't think there was much of a difference.

04-19-2005, 11:26 PM
Bitter, party of one...

What a hoser, eh? If you cant beat em, join em, huh? How bout...if you cant beat em, SWEEP EM!! He hates on the top two of our staff (whom I would definitely rather have than Santana and Radke), without realizing a pitching staff is comprised of not only the top 2 starters, but 3 more starters and a bullpen. IMO our staff, as a whole, is much better. Not to mention our 4th starter outpitched Radke!

I really hope we make this guy eat his words!

04-19-2005, 11:29 PM
That guy = :whiner::whiner:
You'd think that a fan of a team that's won the AL Central the past 3 years in a row would know that a season is longer than 14 games. However, I don't like how some Sox fans are going over to the Twins message boards to celebrate right now. I'm a huge optimist, but I'm not crowning the Sox champs just yet. :smile:

04-19-2005, 11:36 PM
It's close, but I think I would rather have Santana and Radke over Freddy and MB for Santana alone. 1-5 though, our rotation is certainly better.

Other than that, this guy sounds really, really bitter. But it's a freaking message board, and this loser's team just got swept by their arch-rivals, who now lead the season series 4-1 i believe.

And they can't throw Santana against us every start, so I think a division crown is clearly in our grasp.

And *** was that about how "chicago doesn't deserve us?"

I feel dumber for having read that rant.

04-19-2005, 11:37 PM
There is truly no need to try to start troll wars.