View Full Version : Anyone catch that Comcast ridiculousness?

04-19-2005, 09:48 AM
They re-aired a segment from Monday morning, Dan Jiggetts had 3 person panel, and basically, Frank Thomas was ripped to shreds. He was called
a selfish player, always cared about his stats first, never a team guy, Franks
been rightly called out over the years, etc etc. The "critics" included
Sam Smith, the bulls beat writer (why was he there? I didnt know Frank played in the NBA), some clown who they never mentioned what he did, except his name as Augher or something like that, he may as well have been the Food Editor. Jesse Rogers of the Score was there also, and he was in Thomas' defense mostly. The other 2 jackbags kept rehashing whats been
wildly speculated for years, but never proven. Jiggs did an ok job
trying to point this out to these two bozos.