View Full Version : Notes from the weekend

04-11-2005, 01:14 PM
Sox starters continue to fare well throughout the organization. Other posts have commented on the early success of the major-league starters, McCarthy, and Gonzalez. In addition that that, Stewart had a nice outing for Charlotte, Pacheco looks like he may be returning to form for Birmingham, Wes Whisler pitched well for Winston-Salem, and Ray Liotta had a nice outing for Kanny.

Some more notes, though it's way too early for any of this to be significant:
- Brian Anderson already has a couple of homers for Charlotte.
- Andy Gonzalez and Rob Valido are hitting for average in the early going.
- Chris Amador is off to a hot start and showing some surprising power.
- Brian Miller pitched out of the pen for Winston-Salem.