View Full Version : The "2005 Predictions" Thread

04-05-2005, 09:56 PM
Ok....I recall a thread right before ST that asked for everyone's predictions in the division winners and the results of the playoffs....There were many "ask me April 1" responses. So, here's your chance to look back in 6 months and smile at how accurate you were.

My predictions:
Central-Da Sox
Wild Card-Red Sox
Wild Card-Braves
Yankees def. White Sox
Red Sox def. Angels
Marlins def. Cardinals
Braves def. Giants
Yankees Def. Red Sox
Marlins def. Braves
Marlins def. Yankees

Bisco Stu
04-05-2005, 10:09 PM
AL East

1. Red Sox...Yeah, but the Yankees are winning the pennant

2. Yankees...AL Wild Card winners

3. Devil Rays...Offense will struggle till Rocco's return

4. Orioles...Mazzilli likes their pitching more than I do

5. Blue Jays...I picked them to win the division in 04?

AL Central

1. Indians...Loads of young talent, the mid-90's are back

2. Twins...Will be in it till the bitter end

3. Tigers...Continuing to improve

4. White Sox...Too many questions, too much underachieving

5. Royals...Worst team in baseball?

AL West

1. Angels...A pennant wouldn't surprise me

2. Rangers...If only their rotation matched the O & the bully

3. A's...2nd place is possible, a lot to prove

4. Mariners...No chance in this division


Yankees over Angels 3-2...Revenge for 02

Red Sox over Indians 3-0...No contest


Yankees over Red Sox 4-3...One more epic, Yankees rotation is the edge

NL East

1. Braves...I'm not picking against them

2. Marlins...Will just miss out on the postseason

3. Mets...Bullpen could cost them

4. Phillies...A lot, but not enough in this division

5. Nationals...Hey, they're out of Montreal and Puerto Rico at least

NL Central

1. Reds...Baseball's surprise for 05

2. Cardinals...Will contend till the end

3. Astros...Good, but too many offseason losses

4. Cubs...Losers? Yes. Loveable? Egads no.

5. Brewers....Could overtake the Cubs

6. Pirates...Will get buried in this division

NL West

1. Giants...A pennant in their future

2. Padres...Wild Card winners

3. Diamondbacks...Yes, they'll improve this much

4. Dodgers...Headed for a big fall

5. Rockies...Good youth, but they're a year away


Braves over Padres 3-2....Hey, the Braves finally win in the postseason

Giants over Reds 3-1...It was enough for the Reds to be there

Giants over Braves 4-2....This could really go either way

2005 World Series

Giants over Yankees 4-3...This should be an old school classic