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04-04-2005, 09:28 AM
Tadahito Iguchi: I feel fairly comfortable translating Japanese statistical performance to the majors and I expect Iguchi to be a real bargain as he hits for average and steals bases at a pace beyond the expectations of many. I'm not comfortable projecting such a performance to last a whole season because I don't know enough about his endurance and I have to reflect the automatic uncertainty when a player comes over and is not necessarily guaranteed an everyday spot in the lineup from square one - unlike someone like a Hideki Matsui who was promised by the Yankees that he would be an everyday player. I really think you can't lose because I see that in many fantasy auctions he has gone cheap. What would be great for fantasy owners is if he started really slow and then could be had cheaply by way of trade. I have noticed that when an imported player from Japan or Cuba stars slow, fantasy leaguers tend to give up on them very quickly as they feel that all they have to work with is disappointing North American data.

Games Played: 96
HR: 17
R: 81
SB: 28
Avg: .329

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