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03-26-2005, 02:40 PM
The Boston boards continue to churn out great interviews.

Sons of Sam Horn has a long one with Bill James

of note to White Sox fans

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James T: You once guessed that perhaps Fred Haney, skipper of the 1959 Braves had done the worst job ever of managing a team. Who did the best job?

Bill James: One guy who did a terrific job a couple of times was Bob Lemon. The starting lineup of the 1977 Chicago White Sox was Catcher, Jim Essian, First Base, Jim Spencer, Second Base, Jorge Orta, Third Base, Eric Soderholm, Shortstop, Alan Bannister, Left Field, Ralph Garr, Center Field, Chet Lemon, Right Field, Richie Zisk, starting rotation of Francisco Barrios, Ken Kravec, Steve Stone and Chris Knapp, Lerrin LaGrow as the closer. You would think that team would lose 110 games, but in fact they won 90.

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