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Slow Mike
03-11-2005, 02:29 AM
I know this should definately go on the other board, but I think this will be a really interesting thread. Which White Sox players does everyone think have the most potential, highest ceilings. Not necesassrily who the best prospects based on what they're projected to pan out, but which guys can be stunning if this, if that, if they add weight, if they can do this, etc.) So not necessarily sleepers either, but guys who have the most potential based on their tools if they all come together.

Here's mine (in order):
-Brandon McCarthy (as long as he has it mentally pans out)
-Ryan Sweeney (if he doesnt get rushed)
-Kris Honel (if he recovers and returns to what he was before injury)
-Chris Young (adds weight and improves hitting for average, REALLY keep an eye on this one)
-Joe Borchard (not really a prospect, but still can improve a ton if he can ever utilize his tools)

Guys that I dont think have as high ceilings but will have solid careers:
-Brian Anderson (aaron rowand type?)
-Sean Tracy (a la mark buehrle as a closer--> total games, ABSOLUTE BEAST, tries so hard, great attitude)
-Josh Fields (possibly first base)

Also, are Feliz Diaz and Arnie Munoz still considered prospects? I dont think either is that good. Shoot back if you got something good.

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